Come to Volkswagen of Panama City to Check out the 2017 Passat


At Volkswagen of Panama City, drivers gravitate toward vehicles like the 2017 Passat. Of course, people have been looking at the Passat for many years, and that's because all the standout features it has onboard, which keep you connected, safe, and provide versatility. To give you a better idea of what to expect from it, here's a few things that we love about the 2017 Passat.


Wiper Fluid Replacement is Easy When You Follow Our Guidelines

When it comes to wiper fluid, we know it comes in handy to get grime, bugs, and whatever else splashes up onto our windshield off to keep it clean. When that runs low, you can have someone here replace it for you, but, to be honest, it's one of those maintenance fixes anyone can do, and here at Volkswagen of Panama City, we've outlined how you can change your wiper fluid.

  • Open up…

We're Here to Help Fix Squealing Noises in Your Car

When your vehicle makes a squealing noise, you know what to do: get to our service center at Volkswagen of Panama City. We're here to take care of it, and diagnose the issue, and when we hear of squealing noises, this is what we look for:

  • If it squeals while you turn the steering wheel, it could be low power-steering fluid. It's what lubricates the steering, and the noise can persist if the…

Understand Your Service Warning Lights on Your Car

We all want to make sure we have some baseline car knowledge, and one area where we are all going to benefit is knowing a few car service warning lights, to understand what they mean. Of course any time you see one, head into a service center like ours at Volkswagen of Panama City, but here are few of the more common ones you'll see.

  • Check engine light: This is the light that looks…

Bumper Sticker Removal Tips from Volkswagen of Panama City


So, you might have supported the losing candidate, or that pop culture reference from the early 2000s doesn't make much sense on your bumper sticker anymore. You're thinking of removing it, but are worried it will just make a sticky mess. You don't have to, because there's a proper way to do it and here at Volkswagen of Panama City, we have the steps so you can have it off without leaving any markings.


Winter Car Prep is Always Useful Knowledge Just in Case


Most of us who live here do so because we like the warmth and sunshine. This time of year we see more residents pop up who are escaping the snowy north. It always gets us thinking about how we'd be able to handle the winter up there, which led us to researching all the preparation that goes into getting your car ready for winter. And, because we're the sharing kind, we're sharing it with you today, in case you decide head up that way.


Volkswagen Bringing New SUV to Market in 2018 with the Atlas


When you are searching for a vehicle that is going to provide you with excitement in terms of driving dynamics, and bold looks, the new Volkswagen lineup gives you that. What's more, you can expect that array of bold vehicles to expand when the 2018 model year hits, as we'll be welcoming a new vehicle to our showroom here at Volkswagen of Panama City.


Up Versatility for Food and Drink Storage in Your VW with These Tips

There's a lot of ways that the VW lineup here in our showroom in Springfield, FL gives you different versatile options. It's what makes our models so popular. But, in addition, you can do some things with common products that adds to the overall versatility of your car. Take getting the most out of food and drink, for example. When you follow some of these tips we have for drivers, you're going…


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