How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Car Battery Testing

When properly installed and maintained, a typical car battery lifespan is between 3-5 years. For best results, we recommend checking your car battery at least twice a year.

If you’re a driver living near Springfield, Callaway, or Panama City hoping to learn how to care for your car’s battery, Volkswagen of Panama City is here to help!

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What Does a Car Battery Do?

Car battery replacementOften the unsung hero of your car, the main job of your battery is to feed the starter with electric current. This spark of electricity is then used to ignite the gasoline inside your engine.

Once the engine is up and running, the alternator kicks in to simultaneously recharge the battery while supplying additional electricity to the rest of your car.

Over the course of a few years, your battery will slowly weaken until it eventually needs to be replaced.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Car Battery?

Most motorists know the experience of turning over the ignition and hearing silence from the engine. If you ever reach this point, there’s nothing to do except dig out your jumper cables and wait for the service truck to arrive.

To help avoid this major inconvenience, we suggest stopping by our service center to have your battery tested every few months. During this time, our certified techs will also tighten the connectors and inspect for any signs of corrosion. This chalky buildup weakens the current, sapping your battery’s energy.

Car battery replacement

A few additional symptoms of a bad car battery include:

  • Slow cranking or clicking noises
  • Backfiring engine
  • Burning chemical scent
  • Dim headlights
  • Misshapen battery case

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3 Tips on How to Make Car Batteries Last Longer

Car battery testingDid you know that living in a hot climate causes battery fluid to evaporate at a faster rate? So, unless you plan to move to Alaska, you’re going to have to adopt a few healthy habits to combat the balmy Florida sunshine.

Tip #1: Minimize Short Trips

A small amount of energy is expelled each time you start your car. While the alternator does its part to recoup this lost energy, a short trip might not be enough time to fully recharge. Over time, this can permanently weaken your car’s battery.

Tip #2: Don’t Let Your Car Sit Unused for Long Periods of Time

Interesting fact—a dormant battery loses about 1% of its charge every day that it sits at room temperature. To counteract this potential issue, take your car out for a spin around the neighborhood at least once per week.

Tip #3: Minimize Battery Use When the Engine Is Off  

Running your headlights or charging your electronic devices might seem harmless, but they can cause issues if you make it a habit. When not actually driving, try your best to limit the amount of time spent inside your car.

Schedule a Battery Test Today!

If you notice any of the symptoms or signs we listed above, visit Volkswagen of Panama City Service Center right away or schedule a car battery replacement online to reserve a time that’s best for your busy schedule.

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