Local Spotlight: Sunrise Cafe & Bakery


Everyone could use a good vacation. From time to time, we all dream of warm rays and lapping waves, crisp air and stunning vistas, or simply a welcome break from routine and daily responsibilities. Sometimes we just need some creature comforts, other times something exciting and new.

Whether jet-setting or taking a quick lunch break, Sunrise Cafe & Bakery is a vacation for your taste buds. This charming mom-and-pop bakery takes pride in serving flavors from near and far all from the lush comfort of the Florida Coast.

About Sunrise Cafe & Bakery

Sunrise Cafe & Bakery is a family-owned operation, serving sweet and savory culinary goodness to beachgoers in Panama City, FL. Whether local or visiting, their menu features breakfast items, lunch items, pastries, and a specialty European menu to suit a variety of tastes.


Sunrise Cafe & Bakery offers classic American breakfast dishes featuring their quality baked goods such as waffles, biscuits and gravy, and a breakfast platter. Aside from breakfast, their lunch menu offers classic diner mainstays like cheeseburgers, BLTs, and Club sandwiches, all on fresh-made bread or buns.

They also offer a variety of frozen treats for those looking for a little refreshment on a hot oceanside day. With a wide range of ice cream and gelato flavors, handmade milkshakes, sundaes, frappes, and snowcones, Sunrise Cafe & Bakery has something soothing for any sweet tooth. They also make fresh donuts daily and specialty cakes and pastries for any occasion.

European Offerings

PerogiesBy far the most unique feature of the Sunrise Cafe & Bakery menu is the variety of traditional European offerings. Originating primarily from Eastern Europe, this menu includes a variety of regional meat pastries, soups, salads, and meat dishes.

Pastries include traditional meat and vegetable-filled pastries such as perogies, samsas, and piroshkis. Vegetarian options include pumpkin piroshkis and khachapuri (Georgian egg and cheese-filled bread boat).

For soups, Sunrise Cafe & Bakery offers celebrated traditional Eastern European soups such as borscht, solyanka, and ukha. One of the most popular of these soups is borscht, a mainstay in cold winters made with beets, seasonal vegetables, and meat. Another popular dish is solyanka, a spicy and sour broth and tomato-based soup made with kielbasa sausage, potatoes, carrots, onion, lemon, olives, and pickles.

If you’re looking for something in between, they offer a Russian dumpling dish called pelmeni. These delightful dumplings are made with homemade dough, stuffed with beef or chicken, cooked in bullion, and served with or without bouillon broth.

In the way of salads, they do offer a typical house salad, but their European salads offer a refreshing and decadent change of pace. These include eggplant salad, crab salad, and regional specialty salads. One of the most quintessential of these specialties is the mimoza salad. Made of layered eggs, fish, and cheese, this decadent dish is often enjoyed at Russian weddings and holidays. Another popular offering is the Olivier salad, a widely enjoyed dish made with diced potatoes, eggs, beef, sweet peas, carrots, and cucumber/brined dill pickles and dressed in sour cream/mayo.

Finally, Sunrise Cafe & Bakery offers a variety of entrees including stuffed cabbage rolls, savory crepes, homemade pasta dishes, and meat platters such as kabobs, schnitzel, or chicken piccata.

Indulge Your Taste Buds

Whether you’re on that trip you’ve dreamt of for so long or just looking for something new in the area, stop by Sunrise Cafe & Bakery and try their variety of flavorful dishes and baked offerings. You might just find your new favorite cafe and bakery!

Be sure to check out their Facebook for menu updates and special items.