Local Spotlight: Giving a Shout-Out to World Class Athletics

World Class Athletics Cheer

Hear it loud and clear! World Class Athletics prepares your child to enter the world of cheer. They provide the training and discipline your child needs to become a skilled and spirited cheerleader, and they manage to weave fun into every part of the process. It’s a place for your child to grow and become the best they can be!

Types of Training

World Class Athletics offers a range of classes for tumbling that emphasize safety and learning step by step. Group classes involve tumbling, stunt work, jumping, and ways to increase flexibility. While your child gains skills and develops strength, they build bonds with their fellow athletes. If your child needs extra help or work on specific techniques, sign up for private lessons with one of their USASF (US All Star Federation) certified instructors.

Since their facility serves the cheerleading community, your child can try out for one of their award-winning teams. Right on site, they host an elite competitive training program for All-Star cheerleaders, both travel and locally based teams. Each instructor at the facility has experience in cheer, gymnastics, and tumbling, so they know firsthand how to encourage your athlete and show them how to shine!

For the special needs child in your life, they offer a cheer program made especially for them. Team Topaz provides a complementary, extraordinary experience for your child to increase their confidence and be a part of the competitive cheering family at World Class!

Be Bold, Be Confident!

When your child joins a class or a team, watch them blossom before your eyes. Through their involvement, they will learn how to make friends, develop leadership skills, and how to work as a team.

World Class Athletics Cheer

With 160 of their own championship titles under their belts, and their level 6 coed Black Diamonds team being named top 10 in the world in 2020, their coaching staff makes new drills fun and shows them how to pull them off with hard work. Not only do they coach them in cheer and gymnastics techniques, they build the kids they train into confident young women and men, teach them to respect others, and develop good sportsmanship.

While they work on their athletic skills, they feel the glee after accomplishing goals such as mastering their first cartwheel or winning their first competition. Several of their alumni even climbed their way up to the top of the pyramid and cheered at the collegiate level including Florida State University, Troy University, University of South Florida, Ole Miss, University of West Florida, University of Central Florida, and University of Central Arkansas!

Jump for Joy at World Class Athletics

Encourage your child to take a leap and learn the skills it takes to become a cheerleader. At World Class Athletics, they want to show you how your athlete can shine and develop the inner glow of confidence in everything they do! Like them on Facebook to learn more!


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