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At VW of Panama City, we’re proud to offer drivers throughout Callaway and Springfield a full-service maintenance center to handle all your automotive needs.

One critically important service we provide is our state-of-the-art transmission repair. On this page, you’ll learn both the importance of keeping a healthy transmission along with tips on how to spot an issue before it can escalate.

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When to Change Transmission Fluid

Low Transmission Fluid Symptoms
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When Do I Need Transmission Repair?

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Next to the engine, your vehicle’s transmission is perhaps the most important component inside your vehicle. The main purpose of a transmission is to ensure the right level of energy is transferred from your engine to the wheels. To put it simply, without a functioning transmission, your vehicle isn’t able to move.

If you’re like most American drivers, your vehicle likely uses an automatic transmission. A few of the most common signs that your automatic transmission needs repair includes:

  • Strange humming or grinding when the vehicle is in neutral
  • Abrupt gear slippage
  • Burnt oil smell
  • Unexpected acceleration/deceleration
  • Inability to reverse

You might find similar symptoms with a manual or continuously variable transmission as well. It’s important to schedule service the moment you notice any of these signs to avoid further damage.

How Long Does a Transmission Last?

Transmission Oil

Depending on your driving habits and typical road conditions in your area, the average driver can expect their automatic transmission to last between 150,000-200,000 miles. These estimates might fluctuate, especially if you’re someone who regularly tows heavy loads or lives in a place with lots of traffic.

An easy way to maximize the life of your vehicle’s transmission is to change the transmission fluid every 30,000-60,000 miles. Again, if your transmission is regularly under high stress, you should plan to do this sooner. Our service pros can help you determine a timetable and even send you reminders when you’re close to your maintenance date.

Transmission Repair near Panama City

We here at VW of Panama City are proud to be a reliable automotive resource for drivers throughout Callaway, Springfield, and beyond.

If after reading our short guide, you realize you’re due for a little transmission TLC, simply call, stop our convenient location or go online to schedule a service appointment which best fits your busy schedule.

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