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What to keep in mind when looking to buy a used Volkswagen

Importance of a Checklist Before You Buy a Used Volkswagen

Why the Need for a Used-Car Checklist Exists

If you’re a Panama City driver headed down the road of used-car options, doing your homework on the front end can save you time, money and awkward encounters. In short, you want the pre-owned vehicle’s condition to be everything it’s touted to be by the seller.

Everyone’s familiar with the automotive term, “lemon.” Ideally, though, you haven’t been victim to one. A lemon is a used car sold under the guise of being in good condition, but really isn’t. It’s not until after the sale that these hidden issues become major problems.

So, whether you’re buying a used car from your best friend’s cousin’s former roommate or a reputable car dealership, like Volkswagen of Panama City, it’s always a good idea to stay ahead of the curve and know what to look for if you wish to buy a used Volkswagen or other vehicle.

To help you in your quest and know what to look for when buying a used VW, please keep reading. You’re also invited to visit Volkswagen of Panama City and put that checklist to work against any of our pre-owned vehicles.

Important Issues to Be On the Lookout For

If you’re considering buying a used Volkswagen, as you would with any other pre-owned car, make it a point to look beneath the surface. After all, that’s where everything happens. Things you’ll want to check carefully include:

  • Leaks. While the engine should look clean and healthy when being sold, you wouldn’t want to find out later that what was cleaned away for viewing purposes was leaked oil or other fluids.
  • Interior condition. The shape and condition of the vehicle’s interior says a lot about how well the Volkswagen was cared for overall.
  • Rust. Remember, it spreads. Check the paint job carefully to make sure existing rust hasn’t been camouflaged by paint.
  • Infotainment. Make sure all wireless connectivity is functional and that speakers work.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Vehicle History Report – Check them both for history of previous owners, real mileage and incidents from crashes to flooding.

Get the Specs Best Suited for You

The last section highlighted some of the things you don’t want when you buy a used Volkswagen. This section, though, offers a few reminders of what you do want on board that new-to-you vehicle.

With so many attractive, quality pre-owned Volkswagens and other used cars for sale at Volkswagen of Panama City, don’t let looks alone distract you from taking on more than you need. Consider:

  • Engine size. If you don’t need a powerful turbo engine, don’t go there. It will cost more
  • Gas mileage. With the price of fuel these days, everyone is paying close attention to mpg numbers. If you tend to log in a lot of miles with your day-to-day travels, a primary focus should be on good gas mileage.
  • Safety features. Don’t just find out what’s standard and/or available, but make sure the driver-assist features already on board work properly
  • Interior comfort and space. If you anticipate frequent passengers, check the specs of rear-seat legroom. Everyone will be thrilled with your selection, unless their thighs are flush with their chest
  • Infotainment/connectivity features. While you can certainly swap out an existing stereo for a different one, you can save time and money to make sure the existing one connects easily to your smartphone and produces quality sound from speakers that work well.

Volkswagen of Panama City Preferred by More Drivers Looking to Buy a Used Volkswagen

Whether it’s a new Volkswagen or something from our always growing and evolving lineup of pre-owned VWs and other vehicles, Volkswagen of Panama City is proud to be the car dealership more drivers in Springfield, Callaway and Panama City choose to roll with.

In addition to our new and used-car sales, the friendly and professional team which makes up our Finance Center is motivated entirely by the customer’s wants, needs and, ultimately, comfort and confidence.

We are also home to a state-of-the-art service center for all your parts, maintenance and repair needs. For any and all automotive needs, stay the course with the car dealership vested entirely in positive customer experiences, Volkswagen of Panama City.

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