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Why Volkswagen Beats the Competition

Why Volkswagen Beats the Competition

Explore Why Volkswagen is the Easy Choice

Volkswagens have a long history of quality, safety, and efficiency, but how do they stack up against the competition? Let’s take a look at some of the best Volkswagen vehicles and see how they measure up against the toughest competitors. The deeper we dive, the more we’ll discover why VW comes out on top every time.

When you’re ready to discover some of these outstanding models in person, make your way down to Volkswagen of Panama City, FL and come take a test drive.

Volkswagen vs Competitors

One of the most outstanding things about the Volkswagen brand is that we have virtually every kind of vehicle that you can ask for. If you’re looking for a sports car, we feature high performance models like the Volkswagen Golf GTI that features a standard 274 lb-ft of torque. Compare that to competitors like the Honda Civic Hatchback that only offers 158 horsepower and 138 lb-ft of torque, and you’ll quickly wonder why competitors even try to compete with VW.

The more Volkswagen cars and SUVs you look at, the more you’ll see that Volkswagen competitors simply can’t keep up. Another example is the Volkswagen Tiguan, that beats out competitors like the RAV4, and provides up to 73.4 cubic feet of cargo space, standard heated front seats, along with a VW Digital Cockpit. Consider the RAV4 and you’ll enjoy less cargo space, analog gauges, and you’ll have to pay extra for heated seats.

Enjoy Carefree Coverage

While others may offer a basic 3 Year/36,000-Mile warranty, Volkswagen goes above and beyond to ensure you enjoy coverage for the long haul. We provide a wealth of exclusive benefits to ensure that you don’t just like you’re Volkswagen, but that you love it! Each VW is packed with a plethora of benefits that cover you for years to come. Here are the protections and coverages that come with each new VW:

  • Two Years/20,000 Miles of Scheduled Maintenance
  • Three Years/36,000 Miles of Roadside Assistance
  • Four Years/50,000 Mile Bumper to Bumper Warranty
  • Five Years/Unlimited Miles of remote access with the myVW App

VW Paves the Way for a Greener Future

Another one of the many ways that Volkswagen beats out the competition is our dedication to a greener future. While other manufacturers may try to convince you that they’re going green, we at Volkswagen plan to launch 70 fully electric models by the year 2030 to pave the way for the next generation.

We already offer the groundbreaking Volkswagen ID.4 that allows you to conquer the road without ever burning a drop of fuel – and there are so many more models to come!

Choose Your Favorite Model at Volkswagen of Panama City

Volkswagen’s competitors simply can’t keep up when it comes to the performance, coverage, and variety found with VW. Here at Volkswagen of Panama City, we welcome you to come in and explore some of the best-selling VW vehicles and discover how they outperform the competition every time.

We feature all the best-selling VW vehicles, and the most tempting VW specials, so there’s no better place in Panama City to come explore your favorite model.

Whether you’re located in Springfield, or Callaway, we welcome you to test drive your favorite model and take advantage of some of our outstanding specials today!

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